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I want to make a digital clock but I don't know where to start? Answered

Does anybody know how I can accomplish this? Maybe schematics? Anything would help



9 years ago

Well, do you want it to display the time as numbers, binary, something else? Do you have any soldering skills?

kelseymh provided you with the best place to start - a kit. I'm fairly certain it's where most of us started. I know I did. It will help you learn how to solder, and teach you how everything works first, so that you don't go nuts having to debug a circuit with no knowledge of electronics.

I know how to solder and I have experience with electronics

Hmmm, well the only other thing I can suggest is to grab an old digital clock, take it apart, and take a look at the ICs used inside. Look up their datasheets online and see if you can figure out how they work together. You can also do a search for "digital clock circuit" or "digital clock schematic" and you should find a few free schematics to work with.

I don't want to use a kit I like to do things from scratch

If you don't know where to start, a kit can give you that information. You can then use it as a starting point: either use it as practice before you build something from scratch, or use it as raw material for your own design. Either way, a kit gives you something that you know "should work," which can drastically reduce the amount of troubleshooting and debugging you have to do along the way.