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I want to make a full h-bridge for a 24 volt 60 amp load motor from all n channel mosfet ? Answered

if some one knows how to make pls help me and also i dont want any microcontroller and mosfet gate driver ic in this circuit



2 years ago

You don't need an H-bridge and use any single NorP FET for 24 VDC.

Wow that is 1440 watts.

The biggest ones I have are 300 watts at about $100.oo each it would take 20 of them to drive your motor in an H bridge.

It is a simple circuit with the mosfets stacked not much different than the inverter circuit in this Instructable.


Just instead of converting DC to AC you would be using it to drive a motor.

The thing is the power parts try this supplier


Well, Google is your friend....
PWM signla generation using a 555 timer.
H-Bridge configurations and circuit options.
And you might be able to use a gate driver in the form of a toroid transformer - again Google is your friend.

i wouldn't dream of not using a driver, personally. Pushing the required gate current into the pin is not trivial. Get it wrong, your main fets over