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I want to make a gear indicator with a 5x7 dot led matrix display Answered

Hello everybody, like the title said, I'd like to make my own gear indicator with a 5 X 7 dot led matrix display. I know that I need a 5x7 dot led matrix display but I don't know what to use to control it, what to use between the transmission signal and the display module. Dose someone can tell me what hardware that I need please. Thank you for your time,  Rick.


I need something more like that, but the guy doesn't share any diagram and he doesn't look to respond to the viewer comments any more. Dose someone know what to use beside the 5x7 dot led matrix display and the hall effect sensor. ( I need to use a 5x7 dot led matrix as a display)




He told you what he is using. In case you missed it he is using propeller chip. Basically a micro controller like an arduino is needed to read the inputs from the sensors and run the display. Look into arduinos and dot matrix displays. Once you have an understanding on how all that works it will be easy to figure out how to connect the sensors and program the arduino to do what it needs to do.

Thank you mpilchfamily for clarifying it, my English is not very good and he talk fast so I mist some information.

Thank you