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I want to make a simple earthbox to grow some tomatos but i don't have a drill or any power tools. Thanks? Answered


OK. get 4 lengths of wood. about 2cm thick, 20cm wide and 1 meter long. on each length, measure about 10cm from each end and draw a storage line down at this point. now the clever bit. measure 2cm from these lines and then draw a line to half way down each length. you should now cut the section of wood you have just enclosed out with a hand saw. you will now have four peaces of wood with a 10cm strip removed 10cm from each end. slot the wood sections together and you have a no drill earthbox. was going to post an image but I can't get my scanner to work.

You could make a hanging planter from a plastic bottle- search this site.

simple get a plastic tote and using a knife stab some drainage holes!