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I want to make a simple power tool dust extraction device for a small workshop? Answered

I have a electric motor from a flymo lawn mower and would like to use it to extract saw dust into a plastic drum. I have seen something like this along time ago and it worked well. What do I need to know about this principle. Any advice would be greatly received.


Vacuum cleaner with a bucket inline on the hose so that the sawdust and chunks have a place to 'drop out' of the air stream.

Maybe as a head-start you could think along the lines of a garden vac. The motor drives a wheel-vane to provide the suction, which then spits the debris out into a bag. You'd have to make or buy the vane, so you might find either buying a cheap garden vac or getting one second-hand a better start. A simple ventilation hose could be secured to the input end to provide the dust-collection end for your tools. It's jolly noisy though, whichever option you go for! I have noticed that the manual suggests ear-defenders. Good luck.

Google "dust extraction" there's way too much to learn to give you any kind of answer here.