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I want to make a solar battery charger, may you help me? Answered

How do I prevent the battery from overcharging? Is overcharging dangerous? May it cause the explosion of the battery? Would a 3V solar cell charge a 3,7V battery? And two 3V cells?

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thecookiemonster (author)2009-06-20

it depends on what type of battery you are using, you need to give us more details before we can answer it accurately!!! if it is a nimh ( nickel metal hydrate) battery you dont really need a charge circuit just leave it in and test it with a multimeter until it is giving its voltage!!! if it lithium polymer or lithium ion do NOT charge it, if you charge a lipo it will actullay explode in a real fireball about 40cm high!!!! you also have a bit of leeway with nicd ( nickel cadium) batteries so the same applies as with the nimhs!!! dont forget to add a sckotty diode between the cell and the battery because if you dont the battery will discharge into the cell at night undoing all the days charging!!! hope this helped!!! cm

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lemonie (author)2009-06-18

Have you seen these: https://www.instructables.com/tag/?sort=none&limit%3Atype%3Aid=on&q=solar+battery+charger
You need more than 3.7V to charge a 3.7V battery, 2*3V might normally be considered too much, but if your solar cells don't produce much current you should be OK.


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