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I want to make my own change sorter/counter..... Answered

I'd like to make a change sorter/counter that I can use with my PC to figure out how much money I have in some 5 gallon buckets of change that we gathered while cleaning some old fountains. (Yes, they said we could have what we found under all the gunk as long as we got the fountains clean and back to working order.) I want to be able to dump some coins in a sorter/counter and have my PC tell me how much there is in a given bucket of change. I don;t want to use estimating techniques like calculating the approximate number of coins of a given type by average known weight of the coins. I want an actual tally - a count - of all coins of each type and unknown coins (slugs). Any ideas?


I kno you ruled out weighing, but its actually the most accurate way! only downside is really you need to buy a speail machine, they cost about £1,500!

i have seen a sorter cheap in like woolworths, you could open the bottom on it and havev them fall past switchs as nacho said!click here

. A gravity sorter (should be able to find at just about any department store) will separate your coins by denomination. Have the coins fall past a microswitch (one switch for each denomination) for a count. . Not sure how you would get that into your computer, but I bet someone else here can help you out. I'd buy a handful of pulse counters and forget the computer.