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I want to make some steampunk goggles but can someone help me figure out what these are? Answered

I want to make some goggle but for the straps I need some kind of metal ring.

Like these

But I would rather get them locally. can someone please help?


Go to one of the big box hardware/DIY stores - you'll be able to find metal rings like that there. You can potentially find them in the rope/latches section, the hardware department, the picture hanging section, or the key making section. I suppose you could also try pet stores that sell bird supplies too.

Actually, I found something very similar at Hobby Lobby today in the leather working section.

I would like to try to help you but your links are a mess.

Please post the links correctly so I don't have to take the time to parse them myself.

I know I just didn't have much time to do that at the time I posted this. I'll fix it.

. Works for me. It's a shiny silver (think chrome plated) ring. Spec'd at 1" diameter and 1/4" thick ("thick" is their word), but it appears to me that the wire is approx 1/16th the diameter. It's in the Home > Pet Bird Toys > Pet Bird Toymaking Supplies > Metal Rings section and costs 0.16 USD each.