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I want to make somethin easy and cheap. Any ideas? Answered

I want to make something cool but cheap to... preferably from household objects? Any ideas email me at boogyheadabc@yahoo.com.


I have a few ex-girlfriends that meet both requierments. Try a paper mache Darth Vader helmet, para cord bracelet, coat hanger mobile, wax the steps at a nursing home, pull the fire alarm then post it on Youtube. Plaster is like concrete but much "softer" and lighter. Take a piece of foam the size of a brick, paint it red and throw it at people (people that dont carry pepperspray). Old leather purses make great slapjacks (google it). I made a miniature (1" x 1") log cabin out of round toothpicks years ago and it took three days but it was cool looking. Have fun!

wow lots of ideas! I am interested in the brick one. How do i make it look like a real brick>

How about a large box of plaster of paris ($6), some sandpaper ($1), and acrylic paints in the primary colors red, yellow, blue, white, and black ($1 each)?

You can use these supplies to either mold solid sculptures or combine with strips of old newspaper to form hollow papier mache ones.

A sandwich is cheap and easy depending on what you got in your fridge...