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I want to replace the 4xAA battery pack in my camera flash with wall power. Can you help? Answered

I want to replace the 4xAA battery packs in my camera flashes with a wall wart power brick. How would I do that? I think I need at least 6v DC but I am not sure on the amperage. Any ideas? I figure i can make a "plug" to replace the 4xAA battery pack so that I can use both when ever I want to swap. Any ideas? Thanks!

Andrew J



6 years ago

As Steve said,


A wallwart with at least 1A of output should do fine. Make sure its a REGULATED 6V @1A - cheap warts are unregulated, and might damage the camera.

At most 6V! The 1.5V per battery cell is the nominal value. A new battery will have a slightly higher voltage, but the older the battery gets, the more the voltage will drop. If the wall wart is regulated, go for 5V..6V. The amperage is tricky. 1A (1000mA) should be fine. Too much will be no problem, just a bigger and more expensive wall wart, too low will at least lengthen the time the flash needs to recharge, at worst just not work. So, if you have a power brick with the correct voltage lying around, just try it.