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I want to reuse the wine cork and want to print colored images on it, any ideas? Answered

I have a lot of wine corks and I want to cut into circles and then print some colored images on top of it.  Any suggestions, how I should do this?  If printing color is too difficult, do u recommend any other options?  Can any printing company do this?  



You could cut a small wood block and use the cork instead of paper. I would suggest an oil based printing ink, vs a water base so it stays longer. You could also cut a small piece of lino and do the same thing. Another way would be to simply modpodge it on to the cork one could also use resin. You could do a transfer technique as well there are several posted on instructables. If I may ask, what are you doing with them? I might have a better suggestion for you if I know.

Print your images on to paper in reverse and useing a hot iron (no steam setting), press it on like a iron on for your t-shirts. Works for wood, don't see it not working on cork since it is a type of wood. You may need to experiment on how long you iron it to get the best results, but thats half the fun anyway.

I don't know how but some corks do have printing on them.

Print directly - Not any way I know. BUT you could print on paper and stick onto cork.