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I want to run a small electric fan from a 7.5v 2.5amp (max) solar panel. Answered

I want it to run on less than gloriously sunny days - what kind of motor should I get? If I use a 5v motor will it burn out the first all-sunny day?


Because the power output from a solar panel is not very predictable (even if you're the world's best weather forecaster), it's best not to power anything directly from a solar panel. A voltage regulation circuit, or at least an overvoltage protection circuit, should be put between the panel and your motor.

You should probably do some testing before you get it all set the way you want it. But I doubt you'll burn anything up, it may run faster than intended, (hey a voltage regulator might be good). Anyway from what you said I doubt anything will burn up, but keep an eye on it for the first bright day and see.