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I want to use a car rear view LCD monitor as a preview monitor, how can I hook up some power to it? Answered

I want to use this monitor as a small preview monitor for my XL1.


The only issue I have is how to power the monitor. The details state "please Connect the Rearview camera's power cable with Reversing lamp..." 

What would I need to do in order to be able to plug it in to an outlet without frying everything?


Looks to me that the jack in the photo is where you apply your 12V. Check the manual, find a 12V DC regulated wall-wart power supply, and you'll be good to go

I was hoping in it was an easy thing to do and it sounds like it. Thanks, I appreciate the answer.

Sounds like it only works when you are in reverse so I would think that if you apply 12 volts dc in the correct polarity it would work correctly.

But then I could be wrong.

Is there any wiring diagram included?

I've actually been waiting to order it because I wanted to make sure that I could use it first so I'm not sure if it comes with a wiring diagram. It sounds like it isn't to difficult so I will order it and see.