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I want to use my psp 2000 LCD to play xbox 360 games , can someone show me the steps to do this? Tx? Answered

Hacking the board maybe, and using a composite av cable. I don't care if I have to lose the ability to play psp games



As far as I know the only way to do it would be to get access to the lcd driver chip, and somehow convince it to use the video source from the xbox. Why not just get a small hd lcd? That said: LONG route: xbox>>computer with tversity media server live transcoding>>playstation 3 media centre>>remote play on the psp.

That solution you listed would have a very long delay time. Think move joystick, wait, wait, wait, Character moves.

I listed it because its conceivable - not because its feasable... "LONG" route.

Is there any websites that might show me how to do this, I'm not an expert on this but I always liked to open things up. Even if I fail at least I'll know I tried, and that gives me satisfaction.

I cant think of any - google for psp lcd interface...or something like that. Realistically, without some pretty serious know-how, its not gonna happen.

DONT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU FINISH READING THIS COMMENT.What version is your psp? Check by going to Settings>System Settings>System Information. if it is lower than 3.30, then you'll be able to use custom firmware. there are three ways to this, the first one is to go to amazon.com, ebay banned its sales. buy a pandora battery and magic memory pack. you could also just buy the pandora battery, and make the magic memory stick by yourself. it's just a bunch of programs that you need to run cfw. there are plenty of instructables to do this or you could go to youtube. the 3rd way is to make everything by yourself. there are also tons of instrucables to make them, youtube movies as well, but the risk is your own.

Use a video capture card for you PC, and then there's an Instructable here about using your psp as a monitor.