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I wish to ask for online cartoon/caricature competitions, which may helpeful in earnings? Answered

I wish to ask for online cartoon/caricature competitions, which may helpeful in earnings. I am a cartoonist, and am wishing to make some revenue by posting my cartoons at online competitions. Moreover, is there any forum which can hire my services online as a freelancer. It would be so kind of you if I get some help in this regard. God bless you all.


i could make use of your services...pl write to me on hasanmian@yahoo.com


Hit the library, look for the book "Artist's Market". It won't list online competitions, but it will list the kinds of folks you should actually be talking to if you want to make a business out of this.


8 years ago

maybe try Threadless tees theres a link to submit designs and they'll pay up to $2500 if your design is chosen.. All depends on your style of art i guess, have a browse through previous designs to see if your up to it!

The web is flooded with cartoony artists. Still, if you're good you can get a lot of attention at DeviantArt where you can regularly find contests or commission work. If you're a member already, I highly advise checking out the news section and the forums for new contests. Many users post their own. The prizes aren't often big, but things like premium subscriptions might be valuable to you. Other than that, just keep your eye out for the big corporate-sponsored contests or in-house DeviantArt contests. These are always well-advertised and get lots of entries. If you start getting attention, try selling prints, t-shirts, or commissions. If you want to try your hand at comics, try drunkduck.com. There aren't as many contests, but it's a great place to get attention as a comic artist. If you get a good audience going, you can try selling comic books, posters, shirts, etc. DrunkDuck has a good community of like-minded artists and a good set of guides ready to help you do all that. There are freelance artist forums, groups, directories, but many are scammy and even those that aren't don't often pay well. What happens is, a lot of amateurs show up and offer to do each gig for little or no money and eventually they drive the price down for everyone. If you wish to pursue this, try freelancing in your town first. Think of someone who might want what you do. For example, if you draw "cute" cartoons, you could paint soap drawings on windows for stores and restaurants.

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