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I wish to build a drum set, i am considering using cardboard for the shells, and paper mache. any suggestions? Answered

 I am going to try to create drum shaped cylanders with cardboard, then paper mache them to create the hardness and durability of wood. what would i use for the drum heads and will this work? also, what do i use for a bass pedal?


Or... you could just hack into a Rock Band Drum Kit or Guitar Hero Drum Kit and re-wire it to do this. I can show you how in an instructable if you would just give me a private message... I'm guessing you have this problem solved since you requested it almost a whole year ago.

Go to your local hardware store, and get some different size plastic buckets. As for the bass, or "kick" drum, do as the name would imply and kick the sombitch.

For the drum heads, I'd just buy some.

You can make the "shells" out of cardboard but then you must fiber glass them or something similar to make the strong enough to withstand the forces impossed on the.  I assume you really want to make a working drum set.

Then you can use rawhide sheets and strips to lace them top and bottom like the indians in north america used to do.