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I wish to make electricity with my cycle (can be made stationary) - can't afford to buy ANYTHING, am that poor. Help.? Answered

I intend to make my cycle a stationary one so that I might exercise at home. With that, I hope to create electricity as well (someday sell electricity too hopefully :D ) Of course I do not have much - and I need help to create the same without buying a thing preferably. Help please. Also suggest how I could store the same, just in case I successfully make some.


I would suggest cracking open a CD player or a CD player from an old computer, and taking the motor. This motor then can be mounted connecting onto the wheel, so when you move the bike wheel, the shaft moves. This generate electricity from the two terminals.


Im from india, residing in chennai. im in my high school. i have an idea of producing electricty from my bicycle to charsge small devices like cell phone or a i pod. i liked your suggestions the most. i would like to know further details on generating electricity from bicycle. pls help me :)

hey thats more like it :-) would keep you posted when I get that done. Thank you pal.

You can also break open RC cars. Occasionaly these have them. In fact, anything that spins that uses batteries probably has one.


I'm also interested in this. I want to know how I can actually hook up my bike to PG&E and sell them my electricity.

If you got a cheap old dryer or washer and took the motor out of it, geared it to the bicycle so that you would pedal at whatever speed you want to pedal average, so that the motor turns 3600 times per minute or slightly more, you could generate the power that comes out of your house and the watts that the motor uses, which would be fairly high I am assuming. I know this works with a lawn mower engine driving one so it should work with a bicycle.

Let's first decide whether this is practical for your purposes. (If you really don't care about practicality and just want a cool way to measure your exercise, this is a different matter entirely.) How many watts of power does the appliance in question use? How long will it run? How long will you be pedaling?

For example, say you have this commercial (rather expensive) stationary bicycle generator that claims to produce at least 125 watts of power. You want to use your microwave for 5 minutes. It uses 1700 watts. So, not counting conversion and storage losses, you would need to pedal for one hour and eight minutes.

Hey NachoMahma, how i wish I were "in-shape" .... but what the heck, i will be and I shall make some good amount of electricity too one day. Thank you friend for showing me a goal. Blessed day.

. I'm in-shape! Round is a shape, isn't it? ;)

wooo ! thats more like an exercise than production of electricity.... which is REAL cool. Maybe I need to think a bit more and channelize my need. Thank you for showing me the way. I never thought of it that way. You are like my Economics teacher :D (I meant that in a nice way)

I wish I could click on "best answer" for all of you :-)