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I would like to add a wired momentary start up switch to my old tower computer, then mount the switch under my desk. Answered

I have a desktop Dell Dimension 4300, with a start switch appeared to be nearly inaccessible.  There is a cable ribbon wire leading to the switch. 

I think that I need to add a momentary button.  Maybe someone knows how to access this switch and or the location of the start up pins on the circuit board.  I may be able to wire the new momentary button across those pin locations.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Jayefuu (author)2012-01-15

Look at the datasheet for your motherboard. It will show you where the header is and which pins need to be shorted to turn it on.

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baudeagle (author)Jayefuu2012-01-16

Hello Jayefuu,

Do you know of a link / website where I can look up the motherboard data sheet?


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knife141 (author)2012-01-16

Find the two wires that go to the current switch and splice into them to wire your new momentary switch.

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