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I would like to build a large workbench in my new garage, to include storage and with easy access to all my tools.? Answered

I would like as many ideas to help build a safe workshop.


Look at the projects listed under "RELATED" over on the right.  Then Search for "workbench" here.  Then google "workbench".  look at all the nifty ideas they have.  

Draw a sketch on how you want your's to be.  Set it aside for a day or two an when you come back to it - ask yourself how you could improve it.  Don't hurry.  You will be using what you come up with for years and it deserves more than an hour of planning.  Take an inventory of your tools, materials, stuff that you have or expect to have in the next year or two and make provisions for that.

I used low end upper cabinets of upper storage in my shop.  It's a great way to keep thing behind doors and out of sight but the storage space was not designed for my stuff and is not as efficient as it could be.  I used lower cabinets for some of my bench space and storage but not where I would be doing heavy pounding.  

For the heavy pounding area I built a bench out of 4x4's for legs and ripped yellow pine 2x4 into slices so that I had a 'butcher block top" made of 1" x 1.5" boards glued, sanded flat and smooth, then 4 coats of urethane.  It's lower, 30" tall I think.  I do lots of woodworking on it and its the right height.  There are recessed open shelves under that so that I have knee space before the storage.

Did I say take your time and edit your design so that you have the best arrangement that will work for you.

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 Peg board, plastic storage bins of various flavors from Walmart, some 2x4's and plywood or OSB.

Wooden dowels or the equiv are an easy way to get gap between the wall and your pegboard btw.