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I would like to build small diesel powered POTTERY kiln for home / hobby use. Any ideas? neala@jersey.co.za? Answered



5 years ago

i dont have the answer , but i am interested in this thread, i thought diesel can be ignited with a hot plate

hey,i had some of the same questions years ago..fortunately i was thrust into the world of Dennis Parks-ecclectic clay artist/professo/author, at pitzer college in claremont,ca.,,,he aint no angel,but that book of his "single-fired-stoneware"? "oil-fired-stoneware" 'tuscarora school",,i'm not quite sure of the exact title but all of your immediate questions and many more will be adressed..it's probably available electronically.for sure on Amazon.com..and then there is the Paul Soldner collection of alternative firing techniques..any of Soldners writings will be of interest.he was a ceramics inventor of world reknown..there ya go..even old Bernard Leach told us how to fire with oil in the 40's..


8 years ago

Thank you so much for all the answers. My son is going to look into the answers received. I have been advised that electricity is the way to go for a small kiln as there are temparture controls that take the burden of maintaining a constant heat that is needed for ceramics. I will certainly try , when I am a more experienced pottery, the propan kiln suggested by Moose. Once again a very big thank you and blessings to you all for 2010.

you are taliking about a oil fired kiln. its a tempermental beast, and takes a great deal of skill to master. you will need a oil pump, a high pressure spray system, a presure regulator and a lot of other parts.  

however, you best bet is a propane kiln. they are easy to make, realtivly cheap to use and can be build from junk and a little work.

Simon Leach (grandson of the great Benard Leach) has a video of his junk built propane kiln

its made  from a old 5 gallon metal paint can, a weed burner and some ceramic cloth

btw: unless you have a industrail generator, your not going to be able to run a electric lkiln.  my little kiln pulls 7Kw...

 Don't understand your question.  Do you want to build a diesel-powered electric generator to run an electric kiln, or fire a kiln with diesel fuel?

I'd think an electric generator for a kiln would have to be at least 2 kW, if not more.

Where I live electricity is becoming horrendously expensive and thus prohibitive for ceramics. I have heard that one can build a kiln powered / heated by diesel or even vegetable /old car oil. I want to know how to build one. Is there a switch one could use to control the heat?

i think he means burning the diesle to make the heat if i say i wanted to make a gas powers kiln that doesnt mean i going to use the gas to run a generator i think its common sense
ps he never said he wanted an electric kiln  

I totally agree.  The kiln is going to be hitting the generator for the whole time and double the rating would not be wasted.