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I would like to know how to make newspaper coils which can then be crafted into baskets, trivets and the like? Answered

I have seen baskets and trivets, placemats etc made from coiled newspaper. I don't know how they are kept together or how to weave them once they're made


Should be possible by hand after all wool was spun by hand for millennia before machines were invented to do it.

I am only guessing but a cordless drill and some brown paper should work pretty well.

Well they are held together with glue. I found you a youtube video that shows the process step-by-step using magazines, but you could obviously use newspaper as well. The video explains how to make a basket, you'll probably catch on how to make the other items you mentioned after watching the video.

Good Luck with it :D

click for ---> THE VIDEO

thanx! it's a little different than the style I have seen, but I will try it for sure!

Long strips of paper twisted along length to make a twisted rope. Weave together.


This video is a machine doing just that to make Lloyd loom furniture (and everyone thinks it's basket work!)

thanks! I want to do it by hand though...this sure was interesting!!!