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I would like to make a miniature ferris wheel. I need the wheel to spin smoothly and I don't know how to start. help? Answered

I want to make a miniature ferris wheel for a little project, and I want the wheel to spin smoothly. I know absolutely nothing about bearings and axles and such, though I do have some experience in basic DIY and construction projects. What would be the best way to go about this? (and not terribly expensive either, Thanks!)

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Toga_Dan (author)2017-09-27

low rpm is very forgiving. Sloppy fit is OK.

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fella375323 (author)2017-09-26

or like on a bike, you know the part that connects

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fella375323 (author)2017-09-26

how abot a needle? search up ferris wheel and look at ones with a needle like thing sticking out on each slide and something going down to support it. Look!

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seandogue (author)2017-09-26

How miniature? For anything smaller than about a foot in diameter, a sleeve bearing should be fine.


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rickharris (author)2017-09-24

Bearings have 3 main dimensions.

The outside width

The inside diameter

The depth (front to back)

so typically the specification may look like:

  • Product Name : Deep Groove Ball Bearing;Type : 6205RS
  • Material : Carbon Steel, Rubber;Outer Diameter : 52mm / 2"
  • Inner Diameter : 25mm / 1";Thickness : 15mm / 0.6"
  • Color : Silver Tone, Black;Weight : 126g
  • Package Content : 1 x Deep Groove Ball Bearing

(from amazon)

All you need to match is the inside diameter to your shaft and the outside to the object turning.

However this may be hard if you don't have access to a lathe.

You could make these by buying a shaft of a suitable diameter and wrapping plastic or paper round the outside of the bearing.

Or as Iceeng says you could use ta geared motor as one bearing and just grease the other end where it passes through the support leg.

Click on images for full size.

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iceng (author)2017-09-24

Use a gear motor... It runs off of AC Mains or 12 VDC or 24 VDC and would rotate very smoothly...

Are you familiar with Lego as an Engineer's construction design tool...

How big is this miniature Ferris wheel ? How many spokes ? How heavy ?

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