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I would like to make a on/off timer for 2 circuits, i would prefer one that comes on and goes off at a set time each day Answered

I'm building a cree led lighting system and do to space restrictions would like a timer to fit in the fixture. I've read about the 555 timers and they could work, but i wont a timer that will come on for a set time each day ie be on from 5pm-11pm each day. Id be greatly appriciated if anyone could point me in the right direction.

thanks in advance


Are these going to be mains powered ?

... since, if so, it's easier to just use an off-the-shelf AC clock-timer.

A 555 timer isn't intended for this kind of application. It's used for relatively short delays. If you really want something that's time-of-day based, then you want something based on a real clock circuit.

Precisely. And I saw a digital one in our equivalent of Home depot for our equivalent of 4 USD.....