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I would like to make a simple relay actuated by a bluetooth connection for opening a garage door. Answered

It would be really handy to be able to make or buy a simple switch that would turn a device on when your cellphone is within range.

You could use it to activate a garage door. Or to turn an electric door lock. Or to remote start a car. The possibilities are.... well... Numerous.

IF somebody made a device through one of the online prototypers, I would pay 50+ bucks for one of these.


Here's one by the way.


4 years ago

This works flawlessly for hands free entry: http://www.smarthome.com/72110/EMX-BG-FE-BlueGuard-FE-Bluetooth-Free-Entry-Wireless-Access-Control-Module-Waterproof-White/p.aspx

What you are describing sounds more like a job for RFID, which is a short range technology which you could use for presence switching. BT would need to be invoked on your phone or whatever when you needed to switch it, because it has a range of over 100 metres.

And would you really like to start you car, so far away, anyone could run off with it ??

Like kelseymh says, it would be stupid. It's one thing to have your mercedes key on you and start the car without it and another very different thing to open and close the garage door. An electric door lock would be more possible, but bluetooth is not the way. RF would be my best bet.

I'm just picturing you walking from your front door to your car, with the cell phone in your pocket, and the garage door going up and down and up and down...

There's a reason why locks generally require positive activation.