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So I log onto Ibles today and my eyes wander a bit showing my an interesting ible about inlaying when *GASPETH* WHAT HORROR IS THIS?????

The Instructables Robot endorsing brothawannbeliberalpuppet Obama!!!!

I'm sorry but it very nearly made me sick. I am going to raise a stink the likes of which has never been seen in several days until the link name is changed to "Help America Save Energy"
I'm sorry, I'm just too much of a Texan to let this one slide....

Pictured below are examples of the types of real men and women we need leading this country.




9 years ago



Hehe, Ibles Robot 2012 - The fix we need!

he will single-handedly fix our economy with an altoids can and k'nex. hes got my vote!

He already has saved us, just by existing.

Don't forget the solder and yarn

and duct tape. lots of duct tape for everyone!

LOL i like it a lot

I think we all know who should rule over Texas. In a bikini.


hey man haven't heard from in a while


9 years ago

dont like our president? GB2 the USSR!

I'll have you know I'm Texan and PROUD.
So there, screw the Rooskies,

Back in the USSR
Boy how lucky you are
Back in US, Back in the USSR

whats wrong with the motherland? Долгосрочной службы Россия!

nothin russia's freakin sweet I hate texas america and almost the whole world

neither am i. i just like the country.


Do they really have Viper patrol cars in Texas? I know in West Virginia, the state police use corvettes.

Nah, its just someone having fun. Dodge Chargers are very popular as cop cars though.

Over here, cops like to use ford crown victorias or chevy impalas.

Yah, crown vics are the most popular.

Some cops use the Mercury Grand Marquis, which looks exactly like a crown victoria, except for the logo.

mercury is a branch for ford hence ford Lincoln mercury

Yah, mercury is ford, I have no clue why they would make two identical ugly cars...

yeah, they should just merge all the car lines they own (ford, GM, Chrysler) together so they can save a ton of money.

ehh, they should make them more varied and cut out the copycats.

Yeah, we have multiple cops around here that use Chargers or Mustangs. The Viper would be pretty intimidating though...

I am always a bit amused when I see footage of US cops 'n' robbers car chases (filmed from a network TV helicopter with dire commentary). Often it seems like the cops put out a call "hey guys we're in hot-pursuit! why don't youall come and join-in?" At the end you've got 25 cruisers in a long line... If only it were like the movies where some of the cops would pull entertaining stunts like crashing into each other / random boxes / market stalls / fire-hydrants........... L

Do you not see your hard-earned tax dollars going to waste in front of your own eyes when you see these things? The least they could do is pick a volunteer unit to career off into a ditch and have the siren die with a "WOOOooo....uh" ? L

Well.... is it's not my city I tink it funny :D But like you said, it only really happens on the movies.

well you are paying for it with taxes and all. Over here, we have a VERY high sales tax. If an item cost you $100, you would pay $110 because of the tax.

Sales tax goes to the state, property taxes are usually county and city. Sales tax here is %00.8 (8¢ to the dollar)

Saw a high speed chase one time while I was at school. The guy who was running though at least had the courtesy to slow down for the school zone.

are you sure there wasnt a spike strip and it got 2 of his tires on the side where you couldnt see the flats?

Over here, we have some kick-a...er.....kick-butt mustangs. At first, there was one that was confiscated from some racers. They used it as a police car, and it was so cool and intimidating, they bought dozens of em. People think twice before speeding now, cuz those things can ruuuuuuuun.

RocketSci, I noticed that too! But, I'm going to leave this one alone. Any honest opinion that I share will be in flagrant and direct breech of the "Be Nice" policy.

Ehh well, at least SOMEONE agrees with me. What say Texas succeeds and take Arkansas with it?