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i wonder if an institution has a server what does it mean? - They have their own internet connection or who do they pay for at the end of the month? i have a modem that uses sim card let us call the mobile service providers that i use (xy). can anyone explain to me do the data connection i get come directly from (xy) servers or do i get it from somewhere else. and if( no where does it come from)if yes(who are they answerable to at the end of the month.****am a dummy i know so i dont expect am a dummy as an answer. pls anwer in a simple language


I believe that it would be through XY's servers. You might want to take a look at your internet service provider. I was recently referred to Bell, and ended up signing up at the Bell - Crossroads Plaza. They have great equipment and their service is extremely fast. I'd take a look at them.

The data connection is provided by XY company's equipment.


xy company MAY just be leasing bandwidth from another company, parent company, or unaffiliated (roaming). Long story short, so long as your phone sees a tower (in radio terms), it will try to connect. The tower will ask your phone's sim card information, and authenticate you against a database of valid users, either directly to your company, or thru a roaming connection.

lets say ave made my home page. who will make my page available 24/7

Whoever you contract with to provide the server is also responsible for making the server accessible through the Internet. How they do that -- who they buy their upstream/backbone connection from -- is their business.

Alternatively, if you're supplying the server hardware, then you're responsible for arranging for the 24/7 internet connection to serve it, and providing your own 24/7 service coverage for the hardware on your end of that connection.

Note that if you really want continuous 24/7/365 service, you had better make plans that involve redundant hardware at every level of the system, and you had better make preventative maintenance part of your budget.

One of the reasons for having someone else host your server is because, on a small scale, it's usually cheaper to pay someone else to provide that level of coverage.

am a slow learner but bear with me. maybe am talking of server & i dont know what a server is. so am getting this information from server/servers, is server computer like (cpu)?. is it possible for me to own a server?

And my previous question ment :- i have made a website where do i take it to be hosted 24/7/365?

Previous question: You find a hosting service. Some are free but will require you carry their ads. Some cost money, but don't muck with your content; how much they cost depends on just how complex your website is (not very, I'm assuming, given the level of complexity of your question) and just how reliable you want it to be (paying more buys more backups and faster repair if there's a problem).

A server is the computer on which the website resides. It accepts requests from browsers and returns the web pages to them. You can set up any PC as a server, but then you have to pay for an internet connection fast/wide enough to support the expected number of users, and arrange for a known Internet address at which people can find that server, and of course arrange for maintainance to keep it running, and find your own answers for what to do if you have a power failure or network outage. Depending on what you're trying to do with the website, it may or may not be better to rent space on someone else's server; see previous paragraph.

I think you are of more great help to me & thanks too much. Am almost getting it all.
Ave learnt 1.) I can own a server
2.) I can host my website or else pay for it to be hosted.
Help me out :-
So it means internet connection ONLY provides Medium to tranfer your data from your server to your users? And thats what you pay for?. So whether your server is malfunctioned its none of their business.

Plus i hear you pay certain amount of money to the developers of the sight you visit how does this work? Does it mean coz if i have a server i will necessarily earn?

1) Yes.
2) Yes.

An Internet connection is just data transfer.

Some internet service providers bundle some space on their server with consumer accounts; ask yours whether your account provides that.

No, having a site will not produce any profit. Think if it as broadcasting -- you're making the data available and anyone can "tune in". If you want to make profit, you need to either find someone who's willing to buy advertising space on your site, or put your site behind a "paywall" so only paid subscribers can access it, or solicit donations, or offer something for sale. None of these will produce any income unless your site is already known to be an exceptionally good one... which will probably require several years, and a lot of hard work, of making it available at your own expense before you see a dime of return, and more time and hard work (and a certain amount of luck) after that before it actually makes a profit.

So unless you're starting the website because you have something you want to say, and are willing to pay to say it... or because you already have someone lined up who is willing to pay you to say it ... don't bother.

So it means so many sites run from owners pocket (they dont earn).
Why do some sites pay you when you advertise their website?. You direct people to their site for you to be paid according to the people you have directed. Does it mean their sites doesnt earn?.

VERY FEW sites or businesses pay when you advertise their website, precisely because they can't afford to, because they aren't making any money off the site.

Those that do are VERY selective about who they will pay. They won't advertise on just any website, because that would be a waste of their money. They will advertise only on a site which has a strong following which has better-than-average odds of being interested in their product... and they won't pay very much for that either, until and unless it can be proven to be generating significant sales for them.

Sorry to bring you the bad news, but a random website really will not make money. It's like any other business -- you need an extremely clear model of what services you can supply better than anyone else, and you need to invest a lot of work (which means giving up money you could have made doing something else) before you stand a chance of seeing _any_ returns, never mind a profit.

If anyone has told you otherwise, they're trying to sell you something.

... or they will pay you a penny or so for every 10,000 referrals. Or a tiny bit for a referral which produces a sale. Either way, an average website might earn pennies and a below-average website won't earn that much.\

There is no free lunch. If you want to sell, the first thing you need is a product that people want to buy. Given how much is already available on the web, finding such a product is Not Easy.

i want 2 select your ans as the best ans but i cant find the option beside your profile pic!. you are wonderful & pretty good in explanation.

I will post another question soon make sure you take a look at it.

& one more thing:- it means internet connection body earns so much for their service?

No, all that is in XY's servers are the means to find out how to connect your internet requests, the DNS system - it makes https://www.instructables.com - which we can read into ....which is what computers want to read...

Its like a big phone book, you look up the address in words to get someones number,.

when i connect to this address https://www.instructables.com it takes me directly to instructables website. it means i have accessed their server. do their server contain only their information or do it contain some other websites?

THink of it the other way round, you have accessed their website, you MIGHT be accessing their own actual hardware to do it, but not necessarily.