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IR TV Remote Codes Answered

With all the projects on the net with the raspberry pi, I cant seem to find the one I am looking for...

I want to be able to point any tv remote control to a sensor on the pi, and get the IR code on the display.
This way I can use that code to program any button I want on a universal remote control.

for example, if I point my dvd remote to the pi and push the play button, the display would read 4753.
Then I would use this code to program my universal control's play button.

I know I have seen this project before, just don't remember where.

Any Help?

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iceng (author)2018-01-12

Unless your computer knows all of the 99 protocols, the best any computer including pi can do is record the transition durations and play them back when requested like a tape recorder or storage scope...

You can assign a name to the record and then signal a key to have pi send that record...

That also assumes there is no back and forth handshaking going on between the TV and remote !

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Downunder35m (author)2018-01-09

And how would you know the code?
I mean the sensor is not reading a number but a sequence of light.
There are a lot of different ways and protocols to generate IR signals...
Your 4753 reflects something the remote knows how to interpret to generate the code in question - you need the codetable and all corresponding codes to make it work.

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