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IR laser detector alarm Answered

With the new Infrared laser pointers etc. there is no way to tell if light is on or not. I think there is a need for a IR laser light detector that is small enough to fit in your pocket and could be clipped to your shirt. If a IR laser was pointed in your direction the sensor would chirp or make a noise. I've noticed several places selling IR laser pointers. I think they are dangerous and very little use for them, since they are invisible. Anybody want to make one? If you do I want one.


(Why are you worried about someone pointing an IR laser at you?) IR laser pointers are available to the public for cheap. People are buying these pointers. IR lasers are dangerous. Why do people point lasers at other people? I know of people in my area pointing lasers that they bought at the store. There is a safety issue. (Maybe something like a InGaAs sensor?) Yes I know that this is out there it converts invisible IR to visible laser 532nm still dangerous, but don't know where you would get it. Besides need a chirp for alerting. This could be used in Paintball where other team is using IR at night and such a device would alert other team.

Why are you worried about someone pointing an IR laser at you? Unless there's a functional use in the military as a reddot scope, there's really no reason to have a detector...

. Maybe something like a InGaAs sensor? Or maybe there is a IR-reactive substance, similar to UV reactive, that will emit visible light when bombarded with IR.