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Better Chatroom -- IRC Channel Answered


From what I've heard, the meebo chatroom has some flaws... I figure its worth a shot of trying again in IRC. I won't go into the details, but it should be a way better method of chatting ;-)

I suggest Chatzilla for a client. There's also [www.mibbit.com mibbit] which is online and has an embeddable widget, but I don't really like it as much.

I want an IRC channel, and god-dangit I'm going to make one!
Its #instructables on irc.freenode.net

If you're already using something like Pidgin or Trillian, IRC should probably be on there, just pick a username, server is "irc.freenode.net", then just join the chat #instructables

If you aren't -- MIRC Chatzilla is a good client...

Anyway... just wanted to let y'all know it exists :P


XChat is good, as is Pidgin's build-in IRC.

I think this is pretty relevent.
I'll try to get a mibbit widget but in the meantime you can either set it up yourself, or use something like Chatzilla

For Mibbit:
IRC: Freenode (the dropdown box, change from "Mibbit webirc")
Nick: duh ;-)
Channel: #instructables

I second this bumping action!

Bumpus? Bumping?! The puns are irresistable!


9 years ago

Bumping this because it was enjoyable, and I recently started going on IRC again.

*hops back into the room*

I am stuck it seems, I get Chatzilla up but am finding no way to "connect" the link to Pidgin doesn't seem to work...

Try typing: /connect irc.freenode.net /join #instructables And google Pidgin if you're still still still having trouble ;-)

As Whatsisface said earlier, yes. Most clients use /connect, though... wierdie mIRC...

I have it going....gotta go for now.

It's: /server irc.freenode.net /join #instructables


10 years ago

Cool, too bad mIRC has only a 30 day trial period. I guess I have 30 days to talk, then. Good idea!

Personally, I use [www.pidgin.im Pidgin] for all my AIM/MSN/IRC needs, but mIRC is a good IRC-only client...

I'll check 'em all out - is anyone on?

Yep, me, Muff, and Nacho!

Hmm, I'm not seeing y'all. I put in #instructables for the server. I dunno.

. The server is irc.freenode.net

I can't seem to connect. Why does it think I have a UNIX system ? When I tried to update windows yesterday, I got the message that I need to go to another site because it detected my machine was a MAC (and it's not).

This is not working for me either *sigh* sorry to be a pain....

. That should work if you can read this. It's just an web front-end.

Its probably a firewall blocking Java, though.

I don't seem to have anything on the firewall saying it is blocked or off

I get this:

[20:25] Connecting...
[20:25] Logging in...
[20:25] -- [Blocked by ''firewall'' Security]
[20:25] -- [Blocked by ''firewall'' Security]
[20:25] Disconnected from java.freenode.net

mIRC is not co-operating with me grrrr....

i was going to suggest pidgin, but you beat me to it.

Somehow I have to remind myself of this, when I get home (well, the next morning actually....I don't normally get back online at 2 am when I get home).


10 years ago

ChatZilla. =) it works fine for me.

You left D: I was busy soldering :P

oh yes, maybe i'll go back.

SWEET!!! I'll be on when I get in, ChatZilla doesn't work at school >.

Lets see, Muffs in here, Nacho, and I'm trying to get W'burg As for mIRC: I'm pretty sure it works after that period...

Alright, I'll see if it does. Hope this works out!