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ISO 4in diam clear tube 3-4ft in length for sm pet slide Answered


I was watching a video where someone was using a mailing tube a hedgehog slide. I wanted to do the same with our heggie as he loves to burrow and will dive off any ledge he can find if we don't watch him. I think the one she used was 3in, but our heggie needs a 4in round and since here is a bit rounder; it needs to be about 3-4ft as well, though we could cut it down. I would like to find an alternative that is clear or semi-clear as it would be nice to be able to see him in the tube as he slides. It also needs to be fairly inexpensive.

For anyone interested, our heggies name happens to be Burrow as well. Maybe a fairy whispered it my ear because we choose the name when he was no larger than a large spiky button and it was 6 weeks before we could bring him home. He has wobbly hedgehog syndrome and we really want him to have some fun. 

Thanks for any help,

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Kiteman (author)2013-08-27

You could use a length of drain pipe from a DIY store, and riddle the top half with drilled holes so you can see him.

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caitlinsdad (author)2013-08-26

Look at any plastics supplier place and search for clear plexiglas or acrylic tubes. They may be costly though. Or use half cut PVC pipe and put some screen cage around the rest or bent acrylic sheets fastened to cut window holes which are cheaper. Good luck.

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