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So Noah, gave me a shirt for my help with the guides. I opened it up, and stickers fell out, too. I'm so happy. Thank you instructables staff. PICTURE TIME!


in the last pic, not so much crazy as uncombed ? LOL

Yeah, I don't look to great at 7. Thanks! How are you goodhart? Hating the cold? ;) I actually snowboarded yesterday. =D

Nor would I (at 7 am I have been asleep for nearly 5 hours ;-) I don't mind the cold as much as my wife does (but she hates the cold.......and the heat.....).....but I don't like driving on the ice :-( I just got over some form of mild sinus infection though, and now, next week I go for an esophageal endoscopy.....fun, fun :-)

Bad combination, a slight hill and ice....

Sounds painful...hopes all goes well.

It should go ok. They saw possible Barrets syndrome in my throat the last time they looked, but I have been on meds to keep my stomach acids down (and in the stomach where they belong, and not up in my upper throat).

PS: I will sleep through the procedure and may (but probably won't) have a bit of a sore throat afterward.

Ew. Still hope you're not gone too long.

Hmm? No, I will be going to the hospital Wed. morning and should be back out sometime that afternoon.

sorry, I'm not sure I understand. . . my wife needs to drive me there...

Oh, wait, I got it.....drive THROUGH I was seeing drive though I DO need new glasses again


9 years ago

Awww... I only got 3 stickers..... But I did get a patch, so I'm content... Good Job!!

I'm thankful. I wear it out in public, and people say the robot is cute... =D

Your guides are pretty awesome.... The robot is a girl-magnet...