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'Ibles ideas Answered

There's been a lot of interest in Tesla floating about the community, with some of his more popular accomplishments (or claims depending on who you ask). What I'd like to see happen now is for some new ideas to crop up. In the interest of being thorough, I'll say that the Tesla turbine (and quite a few uses for it) has been done a few times over, and the wireless power is one of the more popular goals as of late. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not trying to dissuade anyone from exploring any ideas that have "been done." Rather, I would just like to see what can be done about some of the other ideas, like ball lightning, the earthquake machine, or even an exploration of his work in radio, or any other topics. So, to summarize, if you know of any of his ideas/claims/patents/inventions or whatever, feel free to at least post the idea here, and if you feel obliged, give it a go in an 'ible. Cheers, and good luck!


So I figure I'll post my own idea here. I just watched a video on another site, promising "perpetual energy". While that idea may never be realized in its purest form, it certainly did bring up a good point. I'll stop here and link to the video: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1556420/perpetual_energy/

I'd like to take a better look at that and rework it, making some changes:
-make it larger
-make the entire setup one device
-maybe include a "clutch" to move the driving magnet and cut off power
-move the generator motor to the outside of the wheel for a better gear ratio
-measure the power output
-use the power to charge a battery, or drive a device

If anyone wants to beat me to it, feel free as I'll likely not touch it myself nearly soon enough.

I do feel this should fit into the Tesla group because it could get us a step closer to his goal of free energy, and honestly most things electric can be linked to Tesla one way or another.

So it has been brought to my attention that I was way too sleepy (read: gullible) when I watched that video. Apparently, the movement is created by an outside source (the demonstrators breathe likely).
Regardless, I'm a big fan of magnets, and electricity. I intend to give the basic concept a little further thought. Maybe a more complex system could actually do something like that. I would think somehow using gravity and magnetism could create an almost perpetual motion system - perhaps with more effort, could actually produce more energy than is used.

Or maybe I'm a loon.

By the way, let me qualify this by saying I am not the author of that video or any comments or links or anything else on that page.

earth quake machine in mythbusters was busted, so meh radio, I believe he did it in a very complex way with custom equipment ball lightning, are you talking about the "lightning/fire" he held in his hand? I'm working on an instructable on that. But first I have to finish my various tesla coils (stupid NST being all broke) Currently I'm working on the world's smallest tesla coil. I'm not giving any specs right now, but you will be impressed (if all goes well, in theory it should, but in theory communism works too...)

acctualy, myth busters didnt bust it. Infact myth busters often "bust" because their bank account for that show is going the same way.

Mechanical resonance is very interesting and is similar to electrical resonances.

Everything has its own resonant frequency dependant on structure, materials, and other environmental details. Not just one frequency may excite a structure.

Tesla was interested in standing waves that energy could be pumped into and out of. Metal frames are an easy example, glass is yet another. Find the frequency and you can set a whole body in motion and build untill the structure rips apart. The problem is, this is a high Q situation. The frequency must be very fine tuned, and the vibration must be coupled to layers of the earth that sustain this mechanical vibration.

The power needed to create an earthquake may only need to be very small and is seen as the activation energy. There is enough power to release near fault lines etc.

i am not an expert in this field however, i have enough schooling and training to know that myth busters did not exercise enough thought when testing this idea.

As for communism, here is my comment. Any form government can become a dictatorship. When will there be a democratic commune? (some call it socialist democracy, and its worked great for european countries that are years ahead of north america in technology and production of civilian tools.

north america holds its economic ground thanks to military investments. But now the fears of the founding fathers are appearing. Whats the difference between one tyrant 1 thousand miles away, and 1 thousand tyrants one mile away. I beleive this comment acknowledged the shortcommings of italian (roman) and greek attempts at representative democracy.

I assumed that Tesla was using his own Tesla Coils for his radio experiments.

"...earth quake machine in mythbusters was busted, so meh..." That's true, but according to Wikipedia, when Tesla was around, buildings weren't built to withstand earthquakes. It could still be worth it to build one. But you would need something small, simple, and inexpensive to test it on - perhaps an old, kid's swing set or playhouse. And even if it doesn't make something collapse, Tesla mentioned in his patents (numbers 514,169 and 517,900) that it could be used as an alternator.

Awesome, I can't wait to see what you come up with (on both fronts)! Also, as much as I really wish I could go work with those guys, I don't consider the work the Mythbusters do to be the final word on any subject. There's usually some variable (or several) that they missed. They only have so much time and resources to spend on each project after all. I wouldn't let that stop you from trying anything. Again, can't wait to see what you come up with!

I heard that tesla said he experienced a sense of timelessness (read accidental time travel) when he was testing some type of magnetic generator thing. I was wondering if anyone else had heard about this or knows more about this.

I think the "timelessness" thing he said was just one of Nikola's quirks. He tended to get so involved in his work that he didn't notice time passing; often, by accident, he would work for days without sleeping. It happened pretty much every time he worked on something, it wasn't the result of a time machine.

Someone wrote a book about the Earthquake machine. I didn't read it, but I figure it would be a good source for anyone who'd like to build it. Here's the URL: http://www.tfcbooks.com/mall/more/345ntem.htm
And, to spark (no pun intended lol) some interest, here's some pictures I found on the web. The first is supposedly a recreation of the machine, and the second is a diagram of it with electromagnets, for adjusting the frequency:


Maybe someone could try to recreate a carbon-button lamp. I would try it myself, but I don't have any way to vacuum out the air, or seal off the vacuum. ALSO, BE CAREFUL: THERE IS A POSSIBILITY OF X-RAYS. Patent No. 514,170

Very nice indeed! Feel free to create a new topic with a summary - maybe any Q&A; or FAQs or even questions you have (or even just a duplicate, as bad as that sounds). Or, just create a new topic with the express purpose of linking to that one. Or, let that link suffice, Personally, I fear it'll eventually disappear into the depths of this topic, but it's completely up to you how to handle it.

"... I fear it'll eventually disappear into the depths of this topic..." Very true, I didn't think of that. I'll make a new topic in the Nikola Tesla group. Thank you.

I couldn't think of any new info to put in, other than a few questions at the end, and some links.

There's a group called Nikola Tesla? Why didn't anyone tell me!

From what I see in his theories the first half of wireless power is simple, Ionizing a 'beam' of air to conduct along, assumably the circuit is completed ina similar manner with a return, the problem is you'd need to have A few mega volts of potential from what I understand, to get it to work where the air is ionized by the motion of the electrons moving at near light speed, rather than a supercascade which is lower voltage and works similarly on DC current by simply ionizing air by the 'front' electrons being added to the moleceules in the way

I will have to think about that.....as well as look for the "Notebook" I purchased a few years back on this subject. Thanks for reminding me of it :-)