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Id like to build a small test tube heater with nichrome wire. Where do I start? Answered

I would like it to be variable from ~100C-400C and have minor experience in electronics.

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iceng (author)2013-04-19

Take an old toaster apart for the nichrome wire and wind it around a ceramic tube that can accept your Pyrex test tube.

Power the tape from a variac or phase lighting controller through a step-down transformer 120:40 and start heating.

To maintain a temperature get an omega PID control.

And it wouldn't hurt to wrap glass fiber insulation around the heater.


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iceng (author)iceng2013-04-19

BTW solder wont work, use ceramic wire twists or split bolts
to connect copper to nichrome..

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frollard (author)iceng2013-04-20


And as always with electricity; even a third of line voltage can be dangerous if not respected; if in doubt, don't touch a running circuit because the energized nichrome will happily conduct current as well as heat into a human body :D Always unplug before adjusting.

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