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I'd like to make a heads up display HUD for my GPS so it is not stuck to the windshield. Anybody done one thats cool? Answered

I've seen the iPhone app...I'm thinking something a bit more permanent and professional looking.


Sorry i have no links ether but i would suggest. 1. turn the brightnes up to Full 2.place a mirror in a small box to reflect it on to the windscreen 3. place the GPs in a position were all the light from the gps hits the mirror. what you will get is smiler to the old over head projectors from high school.

They dropped it because they found out it was dangerous.  The driver focused on the image and not on the road ahead.  When the driver moves his head or eyes to check the info something clicks in his brain and tells him to hurry.  When all he has to do is refocus, that click doesn't happen.

Sorry I haven't any pertinent links, but when  I was musing about doing it, there was a lot of activity in the "Car PC" community. From what I remembers, done properly, you need some way of guiding the image you want to see "Head up" appear at infinity, so you have to have some optics involved. Modern car windscreens are difficult to use as the reflector, because they are so raked back and the image tends to distort. Delphi, a GM part maker DID do a HUD a few years back for high end cars, but they dropped it.