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Id like to reuse graywater and im trying to figure out what to use for dishwashing soap and personal soap. Answered



my friend in vermont uses dr broner's pure castile soap for every thing and waters his garden with it

For dishes, there are many products available. Method, Seventh Generation are two that come to mind. Castille soap is good, too. Dishwashers - I swear by the Method tabs, others available - liquid, powder, gel, tab form washing machine - there are a few recipes on here and plenty of alternative/biodegradable/green type products available. If you re-use cleaning rags and wash them, use "green" type cleaners, too (Method, Seventh Generation, plenty of 'ibles here, too) Personal soap - I don't know any brands off the top of my head, but I'm sure they're available. The personal soap department is the only place where I haven't changed over to the "green" stuff yet.