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I'd really like to find an easy, cheap way to make a fun boat for a small pond or something. Answered

I've seen a few cardboard boat instructables, but I want to find one that will really last on the long run. Help?


modify an RC car into boat. I did that for my brother, my dad bought him a car, later he lost his interest playng with it. so i modify that car into boat by removing the body and replacing wheel with propellers and adding a floating base on the bottom.

As a builder of cardboard boats, I can tell you know they really aren't that great for actual use as a boat. I have a 15ft canoe i built for a cardboard boat race, I've used it twice now. Simply put, it is massive. A hundred or so pounds, many, many hours in construction. Everything else sinks. Build something from plywood, or even try to find a used canoe on craigslist.

lol how did I know I would Find you commenting here Kent?

I saw an instruct able not long ago for a durable duct tape one that lasted pretty long.


6 years ago

Check out The American Boy's Handy Book (1890) by Dan Beard.  It is still in print, and any library worth its salt should have it on the shelf.  Chapter 12 is titled "Home-Made Boats".  There's a Man-Friday, a Crusoe raft design, even a simple houseboat.  These are time-tested, low tech, low cost designs which have been built by countless Boy Scouts over the course of the last century. 

The best part?  Despite the development of PVC, fiberglass and carbon composites, wood still floats!  Scrap wood is far cheaper than any of the aforementioned materials.

Have fun, and Be Safe!

found a kinda similar float sum years ago: http://www.forums9.ch/wasser/pet-flasche/ it's german, but self-explaining; several boards with 1,5L-gallons, whose buttons are screwed on the boards; the boards are stuck together usin hinges, that way it can be varied in size.


I've been trying to build a boat myself. Here's the URL for a plywood canoe:


This is a very detailed plan, but, like almost all of the boat plans I've come across, it has one fatal flaw: They're not really cheap.

A lot of boat plans call for fiberglass tape on the seams, coated with epoxy resin. This creates a very strong bond, but also a very expensive one. The approximate cost of the epoxy resin alone is over $100 (USD). The fiberglass tape costs about $40-$50. Moreover, I don't know of any hardware store that sells these necessary items in the quantity you need. The estimated cost of the plan above is about $300 USD, plus about 2 weeks of time.

However, there is some good news, you probably could use some sort of caulking or Gorilla Glue instead of epoxy resin. I'm not really sure, but in my opinion it's worth a try if it knocks of $100 in cost. Also, Gorilla Glue is easily available at any hardware store.

If time is not an issue, here's a website that has lots of free boat plans:

www.absolutelyfreeplans.com/Boat Plans/boat_plans.htm

Hope this helps!

Go buy a big piece of foam(Floating Dock Foam)

Growing up a recycling project of a friend and her dad was to use 4 Liter (1 gallon) milk jugs glued shut as pontoons (about 30 of them) to make a raft. Simply make a frame out of lumber and attach the jugs with dowels through the handles. Practical and environmental. When you get tired of it, recycle the jugs!