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Idea - Help Me Create It! Answered

I want to create, frame, and wall mount a simple screen which automatically refreshes via wifi every day with a new image taken offline.

I envision a small screen on my wall that will automatically update with the new astronomy picture of the day (http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html) or the wikipedia featured picture or whatever I want.  It will showcase better artwork than anything I can buy and the image will never get old because it will always be changing. 

I have no idea how to go about creating this and really hope someone can help.  


are you looking for something similar to those digital photo frames that cycle pictures?

Depending on how large you want this, there are picture frames that will do this already.

My best (Cheapest) solution to your dilemma is build personalized frame for your
screen, one that suits you. Then, adjust an inexpensive miniature projector (wall or ceiling mounted) to fit it's projection inside of your frame. http://www.aaxatech.com/products/p4_pico_projector.htm is a link to a wifi enabled mini projector which although is pricey yields high reviews. With some networking and some fairly simple redirecting I feel that the projector could display the URL of any cite of your choosing. http://www.liveautomatic.com/reviews/home-item-reviews/69-wifi-digital-picture-frame-review is the link to already wifi enabled frames with the same idea in mind. Hope this helps.