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Idea for a new prop red dot sight... Answered

   I really liked the red dot sight from CoD MW and MW2, so I thought that it may be possible to make one in real life.
   If you got some thin acrylic, only ~4mm thick (the clear colourless plastic kind) and a small laser pen inside the gun, you could have the laser shine up to a small point upon the acrylic. Or, you could adapt on this and have a very small laser unit on the base of the RDS (where it would clip onto the rails) hidden of course,and have it shine on to the acrylic.

   The one thing that I hate about the RDS is that you only have one bearing point. I don't see how it would aid you in any way, because one dot isn't enough to aim with. You would have to line it up with some other sight.

Something which could work is an ACOG (advanced combat optical gunsight) where on each of the lenses is a bearing point which you could line up.


I tried to get MW2 today but the stupid cashier told my parents the rating and why it got that rating.  I ended up getting Prince of Persia (not in my favorite genre but still very fun and highly addictive) because my parents wouldnt let me get the game at that point.

MW2 shouldn't be an 18. It's fine other than that terrorist mission, and you have the option to skip that. The law is way out of hand in the US and the UK.

The Terrorist mission is probably the #1 reason I wanted to get the game...

But It was also rated for "intense violence", "Blood and gore", "Use of drugs" and "Language" according to the cashier.  Where'd "Use of drugs" come from?!?!?!

Use of drugs... I think that might be the painkiller perk, or sedatives, or poison or other drugs. And in afghanistan, they grow a lot of poppies which have chemicals in them which are used to make opium, heroin and morphine.