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Ideal pixel size for resized pictures to upload properly? Answered

What is the ideal pixel size for resized pictures to upload properly? I would guess 1000x800? What picture editor would you suggest. The camera I have takes 8 meg pictures when I only need a fraction of that to see a good picture on a computer screen.

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jessyratfinkBest Answer (author)2018-01-18

Most of the staff here tries to keep the longest edge no bigger than 2000 px wide, due to variety of ways photos may be showcased. That's typically me go-to for resizing. :)

As far as photo editors, I like to use Lightroom but I know that's not in all budgets! For Mac, iPhoto/Photos is a great free choice. For PC, the Windows Live Photo Gallery works similar to iPhoto. On both you can do quite a bit of editing and organize your photos for easier uploading! You can also try online editors like PicMonkey, but I find the online editors take much more time to get through all the photos.

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