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Ideas: Is possible to use an old ipod touch for control something like a motor or lights? Answered

I have my old ipod touch in the drawer. I think that is a good piece of hardware, and powefull CPU for control
then the question is: can be used as a controller or brain of objects in the house?   (not only loading a simple freeapp , I mean, wired via USB and using wireless or bluetooth facilities for recibe orders from my iPhone or another device )

any ideas, things , howtos, and blueprint are welcome.

thanks for advance.


Well, thanks; but I'm finding something to do with my old IpodTouch (and they great power of data processing )
I'm not ask for an Arduino or Raspberry as CPU with Ipod as terminal. ( I know that exist a lot of great projects like that )

I want to "recicle" the power of the IpodTouch 2

Some web searching has shown that there is devices for both Raspberry Pi and Arduino that will allow you to connect to bluetooth or WiFi. This would mean you could control the device with bluetooth to send signals around the house, or you could get a new router to communicate with everything. Best of luck!

A raspberry pi will act as an interface to make things move.

You can use it to send signals to a micro controller that can control things.

If it can still accept apps there are apps that allow you to use it as a remote/mouse for your PC.