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Ideas for a double click switch? Answered

I'm looking for a way to make my car boot open remotely, when my remote only has a lock and open button.

I was thinking of making the servo activate when the unlock button is pressed twice in succession
Each press sends a 10V-14V current to the solenoids in the car doors, so I've tapped into that

I tried using a rc circuit, but it's way too unreliable, even when I have a voltage regulator at the input
Does anyone have any other ideas? Something using the 555 ic maybe? 

I have an idea; detecting if a door is unlocked or not, and it if is, then hitting the unlock button would open the boot
I need to find a way of making a delay; so when a signal is sent, there is a brief delay before it reaches a relay

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quatch (author)2012-10-09

Can you detect if both buttons are pressed at once?

Otherwise, maybe look at JK flipflops for some really simple state logic? (use the 555 to run a timer to reset it)

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quatch (author)quatch2012-10-09

maybe a press and hold function would be easier.

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.Unknown. (author)quatch2012-10-09

Nope... it doesn't respond to both of those things......

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quatch (author).Unknown.2012-10-09

Hrm. sad, that'd be quite helpful.

If the flipflops flop and noone else has a workable idea, maybe you can intercept the raw signal as it is received (I guess it goes into some kind of microcontroller or SOC for processing), perhaps you can get duration from that.

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Re-design (author)2012-10-09

You need to design a circuit that will detect two open pulses within maybe half a second. That way you can use the open button pressed twice quickly to open the boot.

You'll have to figure out how but It shouldn't be too hard with the parts available today.

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