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Ideas for a wire chess set. Answered

I was thinking about doing a wire chess set. Since it was suggested by CaitlinsDad over here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Requesting-feedback-on-a-Fire-Breathing-Dragon-tes/

Came up with this. These are rough (obviously), the rook should have crenelations and I did the king and queen in the same piece. It's like 5 AM and my fingers hurt from working on a wire Nine Tailed Fox (from Naruto) for my son. So, I took a short cut. The picture should make it clear how I'm planning to make things look. The knight is abstract, it always bothers me when the horse is the only thing with any detail. The pawn is about 1/2" x 1" tall, the queen would be just under 2" tall, the king is about 2 1/4" tall, both by 1" wide, the other 3 are about 1 1/2" x 3/4". It is done in 18g galvanized steel.

Anybody still reading? Great! I'd love to get some feedback, good, bad, anything to either confirm it is just the best thing ever OR how it could be improved towards that goal. So don't hold back.



To paraphrase the Kiteman: The knight's head is a little froggy at the moment - can you add teeth, or go for more equine proportions?

I think you need to have a consistent base size, no fun grabbing a tiny pawn and knocking it over when playing. Are you going to gun blue one set to distinguish black/white?

Um, yes and no. At the size I made these with the thickness of the wire, it would have been problematic in certain areas, to get the required details. However, if I used thinner wire or made larger pieces, it would be no problem. Doesn't seem fair to me that the horse gets all that realistic detail when everything else is so stylized/abstract. I might be a bit weird for thinking about that so much.

Don't most chess sets have a few different base sizes? I could solve the issue by mounting all the pieces on a coin or washer or magnet of the same size. Not sure how I could modify the form to have all the bases the same width while keeping the relative heights and have it look right.

I don't have any of that blueing stuff. I do have a wide variety of paint though. Either that or I might just make the sets out of copper and aluminum, brass and steel, etc, then just need to seal it with a rust/corrosion preventing clear coat.

Chess pc base sizes....this is what I am accustomed to:


Yup, me too. I get 12, 11, 10, 10, 10.5, 9 mm on the bases (as they appear on my screen).

I guess the difference is that I overdid it. Pawn should be more like 3/4 the width and 2/3 the height, instead of 1/2 and 1/2. I think I referenced a traditional "Staunton" chess set but maybe the picture was at an angle or maybe I didn't follow it as closely as I had thought.

Whatever the case. I'll need to increase the size of all the minor pieces.

roughly a descending order because of height.

Personal taste:

I don't think the rook needs any more crenelations, but the knight could point its nose down a little, and maybe even have kinks to suggest ears?

That's just my personal taste - it's cool.

I kind of like the downward facing horses too. I pointed it upward like that mostly just because I figured it would help with the visual distinction but I don't think it is required now that they're all built.

Ear kinks also sound like a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion, Kiteman.

Why not just make the knight look like a shield or a sword ?

Hrm...because I never thought of that. Probably because I've never seen the knight represented by just a shield and/or a sword. But it makes perfect sense. I'll play around with the idea and see if I can fit it in with the rest. Thanks RC.