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Ideas for winter cycling needed. Is it possible to have a removable "convertible" attachment on a bike? Answered

My husband and I are thinking about selling our VW bus and living without a vehicle.  We take public transportation regularly for longer distances and bike a lot.  But selling our VW bus would mean that we would not be able to rely on it in times of foul weather.  I picture making a "convertible" cover for my bicycle, where I could cover myself during poor weather -- something sort of like the typical child trailer:
But an attachment that would only be attached when the weather was bad.  I thought it would have to attach onto the rear wheel hub and the head tube and be primarily made of heavy clear plastic.  Can anyone here envision something like this?  Is it feasible?

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Nate Cougill (author)2010-11-30

If you are interested in building such a thing, I would start with aluminum tubing or pvc pipe. Use a tubing bender for aluminum or hot sand for pvc, make the "ribbing" of the chassis, fill in with foam sheet, cover in fiberglass mat and resin, and use polycarbonate for a windshield. The points where the shell contacts the bicycle would work really well if they were the front and rear pannier racks, with a kind of "cam-lock" system found on many panniers, or U-bolts. Keeping it aerodynamic will be key.

If you're still interested I could send some sketches your way of some things I drew up a few months ago.

Good layering of clothing will do wonders, but I like the idea of a cover. Very cool!

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WarmCycle (author)2010-05-03

I agree with Jayefuu. Layered clothing with waterproof shells will keep you warm and you won't have trouble riding into the wind. Waterproof boots make a big difference too. My hands were very getting very cold when temperatures dropped below zero until I got a BarBra. I have been using it for the past two years and it keeps my hands warm and dry. www.barbra.ca

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onrust (author)2010-05-02

This is cool.  With fenders and the kids covered.  You can afford 2 sets of this foul weather gear.

This could be made as a summer project.
But has the potential to double as a sail.

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Jayefuu (author)2010-05-01

Getting good mudguards and wearing full waterproofs would be lighter, cheaper, looks less ridiculous and be more maneuverable

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