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If AA battery costs $.50 and is 1000mah how does it compare to mains? Answered

Say mains power is $0.15 per Kwh, how many AA batteries would it take to supply 1 kwh?

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PeterZ42 (author)2017-09-12

Interesting question

Let's say that an AA battery is 1.5v and has 1000mah and costs $0.50.

AA Battery Capacity:1.5v x 1000mah = 1500mwh = 1.5wh (watt-hours)

1.5wh x 1000 / 1.5 = 1000wh = 1Kwh

Cost: $0.50 x 1000 / 1.5 = 333.3333333... (repeat) = $333.33/kwh

Mains: $0.15/kwh

So the battery is about 2222 time more expensive than mains

Also, you need 666.6666... (repeat) = 666.66 AA batteries to supply 1Kwh

Keep in mind that these are all ideal measurements, the batteries in real life won't be perfect, there is always a bit of imperfections in real life. The AC Kwh and DC kwh will not be the same, as they are two different types of waveforms.

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larrydel (author)PeterZ422017-09-12