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If Adam & Eve and then Cain were the first people on earth how did cain get his wife? Answered


Written by: Jonathan Sampson

That's a very interesting question. However, the Bible says that Adam was the first man (1 Corinthians 15:45). Eve was called the Mother of all living (Genesis 3:20). The Bible makes it very clear that because of Adam, all die (1 Corinthians 15:22), and in Christ, all can have life (1 Corinthians 15:22). Therefore, if other people are alive that did not descend from Adam, they cannot be saved. Christ came to redeem all who have died in Adam. Some people feel that there had to have been others living around the time of Adam and Eve because of a "problem" with whom Cain would have married. Cain was Adam and Eve’s son. The Bible explains how Cain killed his brother, Abel, and was banished for what he had done.

The Bible says Cain went to the land of Nod, and knew his wife. Some people feel that this means Cain met his wife in Nod. So the question is, if Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel, and Cain killed Abel, who did Cain marry? It appears that the question is answered by suggesting that other people unrelated to Adam and Eve were alive at the time, however, if we learn to stick with God's Word, and not man's fallible word, we will never be let down. Genesis 5:4 explains how Adam lived 800 years and had sons and daughters!

How many kids could two people have in 800 years! So Cain would have more than likely married a sister of his. This would take us into a whole new question of "Is it right for them to marry brothers and sisters". The laws forbidding it weren't given until over 2000 years later. Secondly, they wouldn't experience any of the genetic problems we have today with close-relational breeding. This is an entirely different question, so I'll leave it at that! View Dr. Hovind's DVD titled "The Garden of Eden" for more about Cain and his Wife.    www.drdino.com

Built his own?  There's a manual, after all...

The Talmud tells us that Cain and Able were both born with twin sisters, who married the other brother. The source is Rasgi - Genesis 4:1.

Moved.  This is not a science question.

i'm sorry dere wasnt any category specificaly for religion.....but knowing about our forefathers.....our genealogy.....i think also forms a part of science(or well history)


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 Trust me on this, and just put some blind faith in it. Like in Exodus, why did Moses burn the Golden Calf to ashes, and make his people drink it? It doesn't really explain, but I put some blind faith in it, and we're fine. 


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I find the bible to be just a story.  I also find the story has a few holes in it!


 What would that be. The holes. 

He made one out of clay of course ;)

ah heck you must realize I'm just ribbing you.

 dont ask to many questions lol jk umm maybe he married adam and eves daughter or maybe god made a chick just for him


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I like to think of the whole Adam and Eve story as a legend or fable, rather than *ahem* Biblical truth.  Same with Noah's ark and a host of other Old Testament stories. 

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Are you saying the Garden was really in Arkansas?  ;->

.  Was? The GoE is located just West of the confluence of the Ouachita and Saline Rivers. (Skunkbait may argue that the exact location is further North.)

Adam and eve had many other children other than cain and abel.....so he wife was one of his siblings

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According to pagan author and artist Oberon Zell, Cain's wife was of the people created separately from (and prior to) Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden, which Zell describes as "Yahweh's own little experiment", separate from the rest of human society. Zell backs his claims up with references from the Bible itself, and makes a pretty sensible argument, if one presumes the source material to be historically accurate. A link to the full article follows. YMMV.


You might try reading St. Augustine, as he went through most of these paradoxes himself, centuries ago.