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If I have Ammonia, can I use it to make ammonium nitrate? Answered

I've only taken one chemistry class, but I understand that ammonia is NH_2, and ammonium nitrate is NH_4 NO_3. If this reaction is feasible, what else would I need?


if you're dealing with household chemicals anyway, just look in your first aid kit. odds are you should have an "instant cold pack", and as long as it dosen't say "ammonium nitrate free", it should contain a sizable quantity of NH_4NO_3. if you don't have any just go to wal-mart and be sure that the package does not say "ammonium nitrate free" or it will not contain any ammonium nitrate. this is by far the easiest method as you will not have to deal with complex and sometimes dangerous chemical reactions.

most lab reactions deal with concentrated chemicals. House hold ammonia isn't concentrated enough to give high yield. if you can get your paws on anhydrous ammonia then you'll have better luck.
The DEA regulates it though because they use it as a freebase for drug manufacturing. And suppliers/companies that use are tired of dope heads ripping their stash and might shoot you.

Certainly, all you'd need is nitric acid.
But ammonia is NH3 and ammonium nitrate doesn't  "go off" that easily, you need a blasting-cap / booster charge...


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