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If I took a 5v mouse and took it apart and hooked it up to a 9V battery will it fry? Answered

I have this mouse my friend gave me. I want to take it apart and just get the led thing out of it. It is an optical mouse. If I hooked it up to a 9V battery will the light fry?


to connect the entire mouse you have to use 7805 chip to make the 9 V into 5 V to connect just the led take it out of the mouse first and then connect with resistor (the max efficiency point for leds is usually about 5 - 10 mA)

optical mice usually have RED leds, and they range from 2-3 volts. Use that same calculator swat linked to get the right series resistor. Its better to run it from 2 AA's (at about 3 volts) rather than 9.

Yeah it will. Chances are the LED is 3 - 5v, probably 3.3v. You'll need a resistor to prevent it from burning out.

According to this http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz , you will need a 330 Ohm resistor. The color code for one is Orange, Orange, Brown.