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If I want to collect rain water inside a light funnel (glass), how would the drainage system work? Answered

 The existing flooring consists of  concrete slabs 230mm thick sitting on top of concrete beams 450mm thick, and the diameter on the bottom of the funnel is about 4 meters. Thank you for your help :)


And you want to collect all the water that funnels off the roof onto the slabs ?

Where does the water go now ??

A picture would be worth a thousand words here.


It would be collected for use in the building but that's exactly my question, how would the draining system work?
Here is a picture of what the thing would look like.

expo boulevard.jpg

Tanking an area beneath the stones, so all the water is gathered there is easy. Where are you going to PUT the vast amount of water it will collect ?

Sounds like a job for an architect. Any opinions give here would be blind to the real situation.

+1 and an engineer? You might consider using the water as a 'gray water' system...non-drinking water for flushing toilets, or landscaping irrigation


6 years ago

Discarded dish washers or washing machines have a bunch of electric water valves you can use to drain your collection of water.

Consider how heavy that funnel will be when filled with H2O