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If I'm making a garage junk band drum set (a-la Fat Albert Gang), what would make a good cymbol? Answered

I recall the plastic rulers from the 70's & 80's having a good clatter to them when dropped on a desk, but all the new ones are softer plastic now. I've also tried bonking stuff like pot lids and trays at local Goodwills, but none seem to sound right. Any el-cheap-o suggestions? Thanks.


I found some steel strips once on the side of the road. They were really long but made cool noises when smacked with a stick. Check your local recycling center.

if there is a scrap yard neer you ya may wany to check it fore metal stuff

well, youll prob. need difrent tones, so 1 metal trash lid... also, even if they arnt simbals old cofee cups and mason jars ar good. also tin cans and other metal objekts.. you can put them in a bag for storaj...

get a metal garbage can lid and then hang it with a rope from the ceiling makes very good sound!

an old metal flying saucer with a hole through it? no.... might be too low...

Get a dead washing machine from the scrap yard - take out all the innards and then hang the empty shell from a frame.

Smack it with interesting things to make good boomy/boingy noises.