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If You Could Do Something Incredibly Stupid Without Consequences Answered

If you could do something incredibly stupid without any consequences such as injury or death, what would you do? Here's what my friend said: He'd ride a lawn chair attached to balloons into the stratosphere, jump of (parachute not included) with a ton of home-made explosives, land in a large tub of Jello, and detonate the explosives. :D


destroy every gas powered machine in the world....wait that wouldnt have any consequences anyways would it?

Why? because im a liberal socialist and your a conservative capitalist?

Well, the socialism part would make me want to destroy you. Mainly because you want to destroy every gas powered machine in the world. Gas is powering all of everything now. You can't just get rid of it like that. We must be weened off of it.

i never said immediately... and theres nothing wrong with putting people before pennies...

Yes, there is. Especially when it's people who are making the pennies.

Look people. I think that we can all agree that capitalism has resulted in some pretty great stuff. Like a full array interpersonal lubricants.

i would need to walk to the metro, not take the bus. otherwise, no.

think of it as exercise...something most of this world needs anyways...(not saying you do but the general population does...)

if you think a 20 minute walk in minus 18 without the wind is just exercise...

the city would probably build electric buses. or build a electric car or buy one

but if a electric car catches fire it would be like a bomb of acid

cant afford one. and our city cannot decide anything. we are slowly drowning in bureaucratic mud.

It would have a few bad consequences, no electricity in the modern nations, sudden crash in the economy as insurance companies fall to their knees, banks too, oil becoming a non commodity, lack of food supplies... Could you phase them out instead?


8 years ago

Tan in the nude on the lawn.


8 years ago

Rob a bank and a high speed shoot out would what I would do without consequences.

wellll, if it had no consequences id probly get a bunch of .22 ammo and my trusty .22, go to the mall and see how many people i can shoot without getting killed(not to be evil, just for laughs and giggles. but only if they came back to life unharmed) or id go on a highspeed carchase.

I'd kick Chuck Norris in the groin. Then I'd Kick Jackie Chan in the groin. Then I'd punch a friend of mine. (She's a girl, but she hits reeeeeally hard) THEN I'd go to Instructables and hit Eric with a chair, just for the fun of it. THEN, I'd look for tetranitrate, and throw a bucket of water at him. THEN, I'd Kick George W. Bush in the groin. Multiple times.

Dude, Punching a girl's not cool (you're supposed to pull their hare and spank them!). I wouldn't hit Eric with a chair either, he's probably indestructable anyway.

Well, he did create indestructables.com......you may have a point.....(Mothers always seem to call it Indestructables.com...)

My mom calls it indestructables.com!

mine calls it "destructables"... probably cause I only make the dangerous stuff though....

I thought if they hit you, it's called flirting... LOL

Oh, it is, but the correct way to let her know you're really interested is to pull her hair and spank her.

KK whats the hold up ?? are you two going out yet ??

I think I did something wrong, I followed your instructions precisely. All I got was a slap to the face and a kick in........

Oh she's playing hard to get... She must really like you .....

I noticed. But there are all kinds of innapropriate comments about hare (rabbits). I figured I'd just let that one die.

I will rent part of my army,the part is called the Invisible Squad

Here it is

it didnt come,this time it will .

I would think up something incredibly witty and fun, but I can't be bothered. So instead, I'd tell a few of my teachers what I really think.

I think I'd probably announce things over the intercom at work: "Attention all shoppers - if you think there's such a thing as a 'nonfiction' section, please leave." "If you don't know who wrote 'The Diary of Anne Frank', I hate you." "Our books are alphabetized like any other bookstore, you're just too stupid to realize it." "If you like Danielle Steel, clap your hands!" "Yes, we do buy books and you're probably standing right under a sign that will tell you that." "Candy by Voltron is not a book." "If one more of you asks us for a book that is being made into a movie we will beat you all to death with Tom Clancy paperbacks. Have a nice day." Work is really the only thing that stresses me out. :)

"Attention all shoppers - if you think there's such a thing as a 'nonfiction' section, please leave." I hate to say that took me a minute or two to figure out...

If I only I knew where you worked..."Excuse me Mam, do you have Shakespeare in English?"

Me too. People that read only movie and Oprah books make me crazy. :)

I'd... buy a minigun and load it with eggs... then fire it at myfriends house. then id wipe it clean... with corrosive acid. then id make a pile of C4 in the shape of a chair, sit in it, set it off land on the moon, carve a big face on it, jump off, land on the empire state building, drop a penny on someone from there, then strip down and jump. then id come back to life and see what everyone thinks. wow.

Just hope a celebrity doesn't die that day. It might be hard to get any press in that case.

I think I would call that lawyer I was trying to date last Spring. We went out, um, for some really nice dinners. Also, I'd raid some plant an aquarium stores in order to build some rockin terrariums. Happy endings to my dates would surely occur after they entered my apt and saw the abundant foliage. It overfloweth the rims of the tanks like so much champagne bubbles, when you pour the love feeling takes hold. Oh yeah. I have no idea how to add images in this post properly. And I don't have time to find out. Because I'm calling that lawyer.